so i had a lot of feelings about last night and my finger slipped

Yay my boyfriend agreed to stay up and play minecraft :D

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Anonymous: Okay. Okay. Fair. Thoughts on cold fusion?


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Anonymous: I'm okay, got a little headache going on

Aw :c

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Anonymous: What can you tell me about the Cold War?

Dude seriously I barely passed my AP us history class

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Anonymous: Hiiiiiii buuuuuttttttt!!!


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Anonymous: I mean that works too

How are you anon?

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Anonymous: Turn on some friends! Hah like the tv omg that could have sounded so wrong

I’m watching doctor who to pass the time

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Anonymous: Party all night till the sun comes up haha

Alone yea :c no ones really talking to me other than you which is fine but I could use socialization haha

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